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Its Place

Its Place is a documentary feature written and directed by Yoo Ra HONG and produced by Sarah KANG.

It has been funded by Korean Film Council (2021) and DMZ Docs (2021).

Yoo Ra, who lives in Lyon, France, is a filmmaker who finds herself deeply moved while walking on Rue du Premier Film, a road where the Lumière brothers’ <Workers Leaving The Factory in Lyon> was filmed. Living in France, flourishing her universe, seems to have started quite smoothly, but Yoo Ra gets tired of racism and linguistic limitations that she faces in everyday life.

Yoo Ra’s father, Jin Pyo, is an architect who runs an architectural company in Seoul, South Korea. Most clients ask him for buildings that can be constructed faster and cheaper. He had no choice but to compromise with reality but is an architect who is relieved to meet and work from time to time with clients who respect his architectural philosophy.

One day, while talking on the phone with Jin Pyo, Yoo Ra finds out that one of his projects, which won a contest, has been canceled fifteen years ago due to urban redevelopment. Looking at the remaining architectural drawings of the building that would have become a community center for local people, Yoo Ra regrets that the building containing Jin Pyo’s concerns has not been completed, and feels pity for him.

She decides to record Jin Pyo’s passions in the buildings designed by him as he embarked on his journey to find his place as an architect. She also tries to complete the project he couldn’t finish in her own way.

Yoo Ra, who works between South Korea and France, looking back on Jin Pyo’s life, also looks for the path she should follow as an asian-woman-filmmaker. In this way, Yoo Ra finds her place where her artistry and identity situate. It captures the journey of Jin Pyo’s artistic heritage leading to Yoo Ra’s art, not just Jin Pyo’s buildings.